Joining the Lab

PhD positions
Graduate students (PhD, MSc)

The Geitmann Lab is currently looking for PhD students. Please note that all applications officially go through the Department of Plant Science.

McGill application procedures for graduate studies can be found here.

In parallel, please send Dr. Geitmann the following documents:

  • Detailed letter of motivation (please see below for details). This letter is absolutely essential for your dossier to be considered.

  • Detailed CV including a list of all lab technical skills

  • Letters of recommendation (candidates for PhD positions)

  • University transcripts (informal)

You may wish to look at the following opportunities for graduate student funding: NSERC, FRQNT (Canadian students, Foreign students) Foreign students PhD), Vanier, Industrial Innovation Scholarships.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Please contact Dr. Geitmann to inquire about the possibilities.

If you are applying spontaneously, please send the following documents:

  • Detailed letter of motivation (please see below for details). This letter is crucial to be considered

  • Detailed CV with half-page summaries of previous research activities

  • 2 Letters of recommendation

You may wish to look into the following opportunities for postdoc funding: NSERC, FRQNT (Canadians and landed immigrants, Foreign candidates), HFSP, Fulbright.


Internships are possible at many levels: CÉGEP, undergraduate, graduate and postdoc level. Please contact Dr. Geitmann to inquire about the possibilities.

Please send a detailed email with your motivation, information about desired duration of stay and mention your funding situation.

Please note that for visitors from outside Canada for any internships longer than 3 weeks, immigration procedures have to be completed.

Motivation Letter

The motivation letter is the single most important item in your dossier. The lab receives tens of applications by potential graduate students and postdoctoral fellows per month. If you are truly interested in working in the Geitmann Lab, you need make your letter stand out from the crowd. Don't use a generic text, don't elaborate on your entire life's story. Tailor your letter to the research program in the Geitmann Lab. Make sure the following questions are addressed:

  • Why are you interested in the research program conducted in the Geitmann Lab in particular? Show that you understand what the program is about. Simply citing keywords from this web site is not sufficient. 

  • What are your qualifications (scientific and/or technical expertise) that prepare you for doing research aligned with that in the Geitmann Lab?

  • What kind of project would you like to work on?

  • Which relevant technical skills do you already possess, which would you like/need to learn?

  • Do you have your own funding? If not, which scholarships do you intend to apply for?


Once an interview is arranged, you may wish to prepare by considering the following:

  • Be ready to summarize at least one previous research project you worked on or contributed to by outlining the objective, experimental strategy, major results and conclusions.

  • Demonstrate that you have read at least a couple of the Lab's papers. Choose among those papers on which Dr. Geitmann is last author. Ask questions about anything in these papers that you want to better understand.

  • Propose a rough concept of a possible research project you would like to work on in the lab. This project must be aligned with the general research program in the Geitmann Lab. Explain which experimental techniques you would like to learn through this project.

  • Be ready to talk about your long-term professional goals.

  • Have questions ready that show you have truly given this potential career step some thought.

Anja Geitmann - Canada Research Chair in Biomechanics of Plant Development

Department of Plant Science, McGill University

The images shown in the header strip are micrographs produced by Colas Topszynski, Youssef Chebli & Amir Jafari Bidhendi. All imagess are copyright protected and their use requires permission by Anja Geitmann